10 Celebrities Posing Nude While Pregnant

Sometimes pregnant women are not confident with her body shape. But for some celebrities, pregnancy is not a barrier to look sexy. As did the 10 celebrities of this world, while they were pregnant even posed nude for the magazine section and of course they get paid a heavy price for it, Here are 10 Celebrities Who Posing Sexy and Hot while Pregnant:
1. Miranda Kerr
The latest is the model underwear Victoria's Secret, Miranda Kerr posing naked in her pregnancy when entering the age of 6.5 months. Miranda looks photographed for the December 2010 issue of W magazine without any piece of clothing adorn her body
2. Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford posed nude for the June 1999 issue of W magazine, at that time abortion was 7 months.

3. Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci posed nude while pregnant 6 months in the Italian magazine Vanity Fair in 2004.

4. Britney Spears

Britney Spears Posing Nude for Harper's Bazaar magazine in August 2006 issue of Bazaar

5. Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova sexy pose in Vanity Fair Magazine Italy in 2007

6. Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass, posed nude while pregnant six months in August 2007 issue of Glamour magazine.

7. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera posed nude in the magazine in January 2008 issue of Marie Claire.

8. Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer posing nude for the German edition of Vogue magazine in June 2010.

9. Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson posing nude for the magazine in October 2009 issue of In Touch.

10. Demi moore

Demi Moore posed nude for Vanity Fair magazine edition of August 1991, when abortion was 7 months old.

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