Alena Seredova Hottest WAGs 2009 Photos

After posting 32 Hottest WAGs World Cup 2010 this time turn Alena Seredova which will be in action.

Alena Seredova, sexy models magazine Europe, has been named one of the sites in the UK, Its football, the WAGs (Wife and Girlfriends) of this year's hottest. Alena-boyfriend who was none other than Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of ex-girlfriend, Gemma Atkinson.

Seredova was Miss Czech Runner Up 1998 and represented his country at the Miss World competition that same year. Beautiful and sexy women are also dare to challenge posed in several men's magazines today the European version, such as Penthouse, Playboy, Spy, Extreme and Quo.

Seredova which means beautiful star in the Czech language, already has one son results with Buffon. Although they have not officially tied the knot, now Alena already contains his second son.

In the list of the hottest WAGs were, there were also the name of Chelsea's Ashley Cole's wife, Cheryl. Sitting in fourth is the girlfriend of Peter Crouch, Abi Clancy. While the name of a former girlfriend CR9, Atkinson, must be satisfied as a key list.

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